Youth and Teen Fitness Classes in Waterford

Youth Fitness Classes in September

At Motiv8 Fitness, our mission is to empower youths aged 11 to 16 years by providing an outlet where they can increase their strength, confidence, meet new friends and  begin to foster a passion for health and fitness while training in a safe and friendly environment. We are delighted to offer a place where kids can thrive and embrace an active lifestyle. 

Youth Fitness Programme in Waterford 

At Motiv8 Fitness, we pride ourselves on delivering tailor-made youth fitness programmes that are carefully designed for kids. We meet kids where they are at in terms of growth and maturation and unlike some other gyms,  we don’t believe in simply copying adult fitness classes and marketing them as youth programmes.

Our expert coaches are passionate about nurturing the physical and mental development of young minds, taking into account their unique needs and requirements.

Youth Fitness Classes in Waterford

Kids and youths are in a difficult position as they are often too old to benefit from school physical education and too young to join commercial gyms.  Because of this, we created a specialised small-group training environment for kids aged 11-16. Our sessions provide personalised training, expert coaching, support and a positive outlet to help young individuals reach their full potential.

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our youth program offerings. Starting from September 2023, we will now offer youth fitness classes five days a week.

Our next term begins Monday, 4th September and finishes Saturday, 30th September.  

Day Time
Monday 7:00pm
Tuesday 7:30pm
Wednesday 7:00pm
Thursday 7:30pm
Saturday 11:00am

Flexible and Hassle-Free: No Long-Term Contracts

We understand it is not always easy to be a parent or guardian, where schedules can change unpredictably. At Motiv8 Fitness, we’re trying to make fitness as accessible as possible. That’s why we offer 4-week programs with no long-term commitments. 

You can sign up easily and choose to have your child train once or twice each week, whatever suits your family’s busy lifestyle.

Reserve Your Child’s Place Today

Due to the overwhelming demand for our youth fitness programs, we now require a €50 deposit to secure your child’s spot. Once we receive the deposit, we will promptly send you additional information, ensuring a smooth enrollment process.

Term Fees: 

€50 for 4 total sessions [1 session per week]

€100 for 8 total sessions [2 sessions per week]

You can secure your child’s place today by clicking the link below or by sending €50 via Revolut to motiv8kevin or 0892688001.

About Motiv8 Fitness

Motiv8 Fitness has been at the forefront of youth fitness in Waterford for years, helping youths lead a healthy and active life. We work with Irish dancing teams, hurling, camogie and field hockey athletes and other youths that don’t play any sport but want to experience training in a gym. 

Our team of dedicated coaches is committed to providing a nurturing environment where kids can thrive and achieve their fitness goals. 

We realise that starting your child in a gym can seem like an overwhelming prospect for some and we’re here to help. Please call Kevin at 0892688001 and he’ll be happy to talk about any of your concerns and answer your questions.

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