College Soccer Fitness Tests (Part II)

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In the previous college soccer fitness test article, I discussed the seemingly impossible Stanford Soccer fitness test. This article will discuss the two mile test. As the name implies, the two mile test is just that – the objective is to run two miles in the least possible time.

While many soccer coaches and strength and conditioning coaches continue to debate about the usefulness of the two mile test, it would seem that this test is here to stay.

The two mile test is typically performed in early pre-season or during the beginning of Spring. The best/worst part of the two mile test, depending upon perspective, is that it really shows who’s put in the work to increase their fitness over the previous months. You CANNOT hide when performing a two mile test…therefore, you better start preparing.

Two Mile Test Set-up 

A 2 mile test is best run on a flat, stable surface. It is typically performed on a soccer field or a 400m track, but I have run it myself on a small country road in the past.

  • Laps of 400m track = 8 
  • Laps of soccer field = 9 

Mistakes & Recommendations

Without doubt, the biggest mistake is not preparing prior to the test. As I’ve mentioned, it is impossible to hide. Most college pre-season periods are less than two weeks in duration so a coach relies upon their players to hold themselves accountable over the summer period. Coming in on your first day of pre-season and getting crushed by a fitness test is not a good first impression to make to your new coach.

Another mistake players’ make is to start off too fast. This is a big mistake! Within 1/2 to 1 mile, they are burned out. I recommend somewhat pacing yourself, and really pushing on to make the best time possible within the last 1/2 to 1/4 mile.

To pace yourself, you will need a goal time to prepare against. For a number of male college soccer teams, I know the maximum allowable time to complete two miles is 12 minutes.

If you want to just meet the minimum, you will need to complete 1 lap of a track in 1:30 (one minute & 30 seconds) and 1 lap of a soccer field in 1:20 (one minute & 20 seconds).

My own best time in a 2 mile test was 11:17. I recall that I started the first couple of laps with a time of 1:17 per lap, and managed to make up some time in latter laps.

Final Thoughts…

I have seen a number of soccer players finish a two mile test within the low to mid ten-minute time frame- A great accomplishment by them, but by no means is it a normality at the college level.

Finishing 2 miles within 12 minutes may seem like a lofty goal now- but if done successfully, it will make a great first impression with your coach(es) and teammates as they can see all the work you did when nobody was watching.

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