Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with these 4 foods

Do you have a sweet tooth and find it difficult to find satisfaction while on a diet or looking out for what you eat each day? In this article I will offer a couple of suggestions than can [hopefully] satisfy your cravings without derailing your entire diet and progress.

Hot Cholate Mix: Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix

Just 35 calories per serving! One of these each evening could be a good addition to your diet- particularly for those of you that love chocolate. I recommend using with boiling water and not milk as a cup of milk [even if low fat] will contain more calories than the packet of hot chocolate mix.




Individual Strawberry Meringues - It's Not Complicated Recipes

I loved these growing up. These will almost certainly satisfy even the sweetest tooth. The calorie content will vary depending on producer but should be between 70-110 calories per meringue. Add a meringue to a cup of strawberries, blueberries or other sweet tasting fruit and you’ll be all set!




Nutella maker wins court battle over rival's 'illegal' palm oil claims | Guardian sustainable business | The Guardian

Nutella spread gets a bad rep as it often smothered on plain white bread but there can be a time and place for Nutella or other chocolate-based spreads if used correctly. At just 100 calories per tablespoon, Nutella could be a good addition to your morning porridge/oatmeal.



Summer Drinks

It was not until I moved out of Waterford that I realised that not everyone calls these summer drinks. Summer drinks, ice-pops, Freezie, Mr. Freeze etc. can be a daily enjoyment for you and not just throughout the warmer summer months. The calories will depend on which brand and size you buy but the calorie for each one should be in the range of 35-100 calories.

We don’t need to vilify certain foods just because they are not chicken and broccoli. There should be a time and place for everything- all in moderation of course 🙂

I hope you found value in this post!