Motiv8 Fitness Gift Card: How to Redeem Your Gift Card

Congratulations! If you are seeing this page it means that you are a recipient of a gift card to Motiv8 Fitness. We’re looking forward to seeing you on the gym floor soon.

We developed a simple 4 step guide that will help you get started training with us.

Step One

Complete this contact form to request to added to our booking system, LEGITFIT.

Step Two

You will need to decide how you would like to start training with us.

We offer three different services at Motiv8 Fitness: personal training, small group coaching and group strength and conditioning classes.

This is a typical profile of people we see at Motiv8 Fitness

  • Personal training clients: find it difficult to commit to a “normal” class schedule and/or have certain limitations that need to greater attention to detail. Hip pain, knee pain or low back pain for example.
  • Small group coaching: These clients have some gym experience but like the attention to detail that is provided in this format. They enjoy working on their custom programme but like the feel of a group environment for extra accountability and support.
  • strength & conditioning classes: if you have no underlying injuries and a flexible schedule, our classes could be the best fit for you. Our current class members range in age from mid-20’s up to mid-40’s.

Kevin can help you choose the best service to fit your needs. So if you are unsure- contact us and we’ll help you decide.

Step Three

Accept the email invitation to join LEGITFIT. If you cannot find this email check your junk folder.

You should now be able to redeem your gift card and sign up for your chosen service on LEGITFIT.

Step Four

Confirm your service, book online and attend your first workout at Motiv8 Fitness.