Recap of the Runamuck Challenge

Welcome to Motiv8 Fitness’s¬† blog post recapping our recent Runamuck Challenge event! We couldn’t be more thrilled to share the incredible moments from this unforgettable day with our fitness community in Waterford. Members of our personal training services, along with the strength and conditioning classes and small group coaching, all came together in a celebration of strength, endurance, and determination.

On a chilly Saturday morning, we were picked up in a bus by Comeragh Coaches in Waterford. We arrived early and you could sense some nerves were beginning to kick in for few people.

We were placed in Wave 8 with a start time of 11:35am. The organisers weren’t wrong…earlier in the week they sent an email and said the course would be very muddy. This coupled with the fact that there were seven waves on the course before us meant that the course was very muddy indeed.

While the Runamuck event can seem competitive from afar, the reality is that 90%+ of people are there to have a bit of fun with their friends.

The Runamuck course consisted of a variety of challenges. These included stations where you needed to climb, jump, crawl or pull yourself to freedom.

When we initially sought interest from members about this event there was some apprehension. However, one thing we like to say at Motiv8 Fitness is that ”set you up for success”. If we asked a member to sign up for the event, this was a display of confidence and reassurance on our end. It meant that if asked, we were certain that you could complete the course…and we were right!

For some of our small group coaching clients, we made some simple adjustments in their programmes over the last couple of weeks. We introduced cone, hurdle and bodyweight jumps as well as running activities.

While each member has their own journey and individual fitness goals, we all share a common goal of self-improvement.

We were delighted to sponsor t-shirts (thank you Orla) from Graphic Image and a bus to this fantastic event. The sense of community on show for this event was fantastic to see…and we’re already looking forward to our next member appreciation event.

We want to extend our gratitude to each and every one of you who participated and made the Runamuck Challenge a memorable day for all of us. Your determination, smiles, and sheer willpower are what make Motiv8 Fitness a truly special place. We look forward to sharing more fitness adventures with you in the future!