Pay as You Go Fitness Classes in Waterford

Motiv8 Fitness- Cork Rd, Waterford

We offer pay as you go fitness classes at Motiv8 fitness gym in Waterford. Our gym has 13 fitness classes each week, and while the majority of our members choose the monthly membership option to save money each month, we recognise that some people prefer pay as you go options.

motiv8 fitness gym

Pay as You Go Classes

Our pay as you go gym classes can be purchased through our booking system, LEGIT FIT. It can be difficult to find a gym with classes in Waterford that offers PAYG gym options so we’re happy to help you get your session(s) in!

Our primary gym class is called strength and conditioning and this class lasts 45 minutes. Our sessions consist of 6-8 self-paced strength based exercises along with a fitness component. Classes at Motiv8 fitness are limited to eight participants per session to ensure a quality and time-efficient training environment.

Gym classes are reopening across the country and there is no better time than the present to get started on your fitness journey.

Get in touch with us today if you’re looking for pay as you go fitness or strength and conditioning class options in Waterford.

Motiv8 fitness is conveniently located on the Cork Rd in Waterford. See map below for our location.