Learn the calorie contents of your favourite biscuits


If you are like 95% of the Irish population the chances are you love tea and biscuits. It’s a simple pleasure and there is nothing better than having a nice relaxing cup of tea in the evening with a couple of biscuits after finishing a long work day.

Except there is one small issue; the majority of biscuits are high in calories and it can seem almost impossible at times to stick to the suggested serving size. [hint: it’s fewer than you think]

If not factored already factored into your diet there is a high probability that the biscuits you eat each night could be derailing your fitness and weight loss progress.

Milk chocolate digestives were my favourite. I used to be able to easily finish half or a full packet of digestives after dinner each evening without any negative consequences. But not anymore!

You might find yourself in a similar position. But let’s not forget that your activity was probably sky high in the past, or at least greater than what it has been recently.

I don’t mean to be the cookie monster but the fact of it is that you are now burning less calories throughout the day than you might have done in the past so you need to be a bit more cautious of what you eat.

Calories in Biscuits

In the table below I highlight the calorie, carb, sugar and fat content of some of Ireland’s favourite biscuits.

If you follow an 90/10 diet lifestyle where you eat “clean” 90% of the time you might have somewhere in the range of 180-200 calories that you can use to indulge. This is based off of 1,800-2,000 calories per day. At the higher end of the spectrum, you might have 270 calories available based on a 2,700 calorie diet.

You will see from the table above that this doesn’t really equate to a lot of biscuits. This is somewhat of a philosophical argument but I would wonder – is it better to have 2 Nice biscuits or a single milk chocolate digestive? That is the same calories after all.

You don’t have to give up biscuits. The purpose of this post is for you to make a conscious decision about what you want. If your activity and calories were equalized and based on some quick math, if you were to have 8 custard cream biscuits each night you would likely gain a pound [almost 1/2 kg] by the end of a week.