How to Get Started with Exercise Safely

Step One: Research

Your first thing to ask yourself is how much exercise can I reasonably fit into my daily week at the moment? In our experience we have found that people sometimes set goals that are too difficult, take too long and most importantly are not sustainable long term. We are big proponents of setting people up for long term success and not overdoing it initially.

Read our article on what the experts recommend: how much exercise you should do each week?

We have two offerings and multiple programmes to choose from at Motiv8 Fitness based upon your goals and schedule. Choose 2 or 3 sessions each week and select from personal training, semi-private training or strength and conditioning classes.

1 in 8 people in Ireland are members of gyms and fitness facilities. There are a lot of different gyms to choose from and it is important to keep in the back of your mind that not all gyms want you to succeed. Some gyms just want your money and a long-term financial commitment from you.

Do some research, read reviews on gyms and learn some tips from our helpful article: 7 tips to help you find your perfect gym.

Step Two: Start Moving

It is now time to get started. It is perfectly normal to feel a little nervous or anxious. You have committed to an opportunity to change and improve your life. Well done!

By this stage you should have found your perfect gym and committed to a sustainable exercise schedule.

You probably have a lot of questions. Common questions we hear all the time include

  • How long should a beginner exercise
  • What should a beginner do in the gym or
  • How do I start exercising again after taking years off?

It can be exhausting trying to research and answer all of these questions alone. This is why we recommend that you work with qualified and experienced coaches that can help guide your training as you start to increase your activity.

Motiv8 Fitness coaches are experts in their field. Motiv8 Fitness is a new gym in Waterford and our approach to training is different from the rest. We specialise in helping people start in the gym for the first time.

Even with the best programming in the world and optimal recovery, the reality is that you are going to be sore after your first couple of training sessions. There is a term for this – it is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and we have an article that provides some practical tips on how to reduce this soreness during your first few days of a new routine.

You might also wonder when should you expect to see gym results? This is a fair question- after all you’ve been putting in the work and expect to see a return. Read our article for some key points: When should I expect to see gym results?

Step Three: Take it to the next level

Nutrition is an often overlooked factor for positive long term health and wellness. After a few weeks of training it is time to build on your foundation and focus on the food side.

If you are somebody that might have a sweet tooth we are here to help! We have an article about some low calorie options that won’t kill your progress in the gym.

If you are a biscuit lover you might find it interesting to learn about the calorie contents of some of your favourite biscuits.

Meal prep often has a bad reputation but it can prove useful for busy parents, college students and people on the go. If you’ve never tried meal prepping before and like the idea of taking your nutrition a little more seriously we have a meal prep guide that might be helpful for you.

Our personal training and semi-private training programmes include a nutrition and accountability component. We teach sustainable food habits and help people navigate the confusing world of nutrition.

Work With Us

Motiv8 Fitness is a private membership gym in Waterford City. We help busy adults get back to feeling stronger, better and living a pain free life. If you’d like to work with us in person contact us today.