When should you expect to start seeing gym results?

When do you start seeing gym results?

You just started training and you’re now wondering when do you start seeing results? It’s a great question as results will be your biggest motivation for long-term compliance to your training programme(s).

The answer is it depends as each person’s body will respond differently to one month of exercise but we can make a couple of generalisations.

With a structured strength and conditioning programme you should start to see some fitness results and health related benefits within a few days of starting a training programme.

Your energy level and mood throughout the day should be increased within your first couple of sessions. You might find that your quality of sleep increases as does your decision making regarding food intake.

Health related benefits of exercise

Some things that you can’t see begin to improve in just a couple of weeks. Resting heart rate, blood pressure and fasting glucose numbers can all change for the better. Lower resting heart rate and blood pressure measurements essentially mean that your heart is becoming more efficient at pumping blood throughout your body- this means your body is working less hard to maintain everyday function and should be seen as a huge plus for longevity and increased quality of life.

Weight lifting results after one month

After your second week of exercise you will be pleasantly surprised to find that you are no longer sore after training. Rest assured that you are still making progress- it is a common misconception that you must be sure for your training session to be worth it.

You will feel stronger and should be able to perform at least a couple of more repetitions of almost any given exercise at the weight that used for your week one exercises.

When does progress become visible?

While some of the benefits of training can be found in days or weeks, visible results like weight loss in the mirror, clothes fitting differently and compliments from friends and family could take approximately 6-10 weeks or a little over two months.

In summary, positive changes in health, well-being and physical appearance as a result of beginning a new training programme can take days to months. Celebrate the wins [however small they may feel] along your journey and consider developing short, medium and long term exercise related goals as these can help keep you accountable throughout the process.