Bodyweight Home Workouts

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Limited access to the gym and weight room due to the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many of you have had to deal with the reality of preparing for your sport or working out with limited to no equipment.

I know how you feel…

As the Head Strength & Conditioning coach to 17 teams and over 400 student-athletes I’ve had to think outside of the box to adjust for this new reality.

There’s more to at home or bodyweight workouts than max sets of push-ups and timed bodyweight squats.

In the download link I am sharing a 3 week template that I previously used at the beginning of the semester with a number of my sport teams. While you won’t need any gym equipment to perform these sessions correctly you will need a chair, low couch or coffee table for a number of movements.

Expect these sessions to take approximately 30 minutes to complete each day (including warm-up).

And remember…doing something is better than nothing!

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