The FIFA Soccer Warm-up That You’ve Never Heard of

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Around the time of the 2010 FIFA World Cup,¬† FIFA and its Medical Assessment and Research Centre (FMARC), developed and produced an injury prevention program that is simply named “11+.” According to FIFA, major clinical research studies have shown a 30-50% reduction in injuries among players that consistently implemented the components of 11+ on a regular basis.

What is 11+

The 11+ is an injury prevention program that was developed by a team of experts based on their practical experience with different injury prevention programs. FIFA recommend that the 11+ program replace the usual warm-up. Moreover, This warm up should only be implemented with amateur soccer players aged 14 or above.


11+ Exercises

The ”11+” has three parts with a total of 15 exercises, which should be performed in a specified sequence at the start of each training session.

Part I

Part I contains  running exercises at a slow speed combined with active stretching and
controlled partner contacts.

Part II

Part II consists of six sets of exercises that focus core and lower body strength, balance, plyometrics and agility.  Each sets of exercises have three levels of increasing difficulty.

Part III

Part III consists of running based movements that would likely be found in common soccer warm ups. Such activities include moderate to high speed sprints with planting, cutting and change of direction exercises.

How often should I complete the 11+ program?

To reduce training injuries and game injuries the majority of research has shown that the training program should be performed at least two times per week.

How long does the 11+ program take to complete?

The entire warm up should take 20 minutes to complete. As US Club Soccer says,

Twenty minutes at the start of practice could be the difference in having a full, healthy roster or a depleted roster with various ailments

Where can I view the full 11+ program?

The entire 76 page document can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking HERE.

Exercise demonstrations can be found through this YouTube video.

Fifa 11+ Exercises