Build Strong Resilient Shoulders with these 8 exercises

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Do you have shoulder pain when you bench, reach overhead or have difficulty with basic movements like push-ups? Or perhaps you play a sport that requires you to have strong, resilient and pain free shoulders? The following eight exercises could be great additions to your training program.

I love adding these exercises to athletes programs as they work on the often neglected smaller muscles groups. Louie Simmons, iconic powerlifting coach often says that you are only as strong as your weakest muscle group and that weak things break. His argument has some merit which is why I like to implement the exercises below. Each exercise can be performed as a warm-up circuit or can be added to form accessory movements for the main lifting session.

These exercises should be performed through as large range of motion as possible. Do not sacrifice technique for additional weight with these exercises. A good starting weight for dumbbell based movements is anywhere from 3 to 8lbs.

I like to go with 2 to 4 sets of 12-20 reps for these movements with an initial frequency of two to three times per week. As these exercises become comfortable you can start to increase volume and frequency. Your shoulders will be on fire after these movements if performed consecutively!

  1. Bench Cuban
  2. Incline Bench A’s
  3. Band External Rotation
  4. Band Face Pull
  5. Band Pull-Apart
  6. 3-Position Shoulder Touches
  7. Band Reverse Fly
  8. Laying Press
Bench Cuban

Incline Bench A’s
Band Face Pull

Band Pull Apart
3 Position Shoulder Touches
Band Reverse Fly
Laying Press