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[FREE DOWNLOAD] GAA Preseason Training Programme and Workout Log

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In this FREE download you will get access to a training log template that you can use for your own GAA preseason training sessions and you will also receive a sample of a 4-week strength and conditioning programme that will be used as a GAA preseason plan.

Here’s why your gym probably wants you to fail

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Cheap gyms are left with a dilemma. On the one hand they need a high volume of people to sign up each month or year but on the other hand they are supposed to help people reach their goals by continuing to offer their services which lead to gym results. 

Gym Results: When should you expect to see changes?

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You just started training and you’re now wondering when do you start seeing results? The answer is it depends as each person’s body will respond differently to one month of exercise but with a structured strength and conditioning programme you should start to see some fitness results and health related benefits within a few days of starting a training programme. Learn more about the specific benefits here.