7 Smart Tips to Help you Find Your Perfect Gym

Joining a gym can take away two of your most valuable resources, your time and money- with this in mind it is worth carefully considering the pros and cons of different types of gyms in your area.

Motiv8 fitness is a membership only gym in Waterford and we offer strength and conditioning classes as well as semi-private personal training. However, we are conscious that we may not be the “best” fit for every active person in Waterford which is why we have developed this handy guide to help you pick the best gym for you.

What to look for when joining a gym?

In this guide we provide 7 tips for finding the perfect gym in Waterford.


Budget gyms, mid-range gyms and premium or luxury gyms exist in larger cities. While purchasing a gym membership or class package should be seen as an investment into your health make sure you take into account the additional expense that you’ll have each week or month when you add a gym membership. Gym memberships in Waterford typically range from 39 euro per month  for student-friendly or budget gyms up to hundreds of euros per month for private training.


Do the gym schedule or opening times for the facility work within your lifestyle constraints, training or work schedule?


Is the equipment regularly cleaned and sanitised? Is the gym floor typically clean? Are the bathrooms and shower areas clean?

Cancellation policy

Will you have to sign a contract? Is there a penalty for early cancellation? If you choose a class based gym, will your sessions carry over if unused?

Type of members / amount of members

Do you prefer to work with a small group of like-minded people or is the amount of people on the gym floor a consideration for you? While often understated, the type of members in the gym will have a large impact on your comfort level and likelihood for success and enjoyable training sessions.

Class format(s) – style of training

Do you prefer a specialised nice style of training within the health and fitness realm? If so, you might be most comfortable in a gym that follows a similar model. For example, crossfit, powerlifting or bodybuilding style gyms.

Coaches’ experience

Is the coaching director knowledgeable or are the fitness coaches and personal trainers helpful, respectful and easy to get along with?

I hope this post has helped you find the right gym for you.

Motiv8 Fitness Gym – Cork Rd, Waterford

Cost: Our memberships range from 99 euro to 220 euro per month depending upon the type of service requested.

Schedule: We offer A.M. and P.M semi-private personal training sessions and strength and conditioning classes each day.

Safety/Cleanliness: Our strength and conditioning classes are capped at 8 members per session while our semi-private option consists of up to 5 individuals per session. All gym equipment is sanitised between uses and spray bottles as well as paper towels are provided.

Cancellation policy: we offer 14 or 28-day recurring payments through our booking system LEGITFIT. Classes can be cancelled without penalty up to one hour prior to sessions. Members do not incur cancelation fees and members can cancel their membership at any time.

Class format: We operate a class-based model for strength and conditioning classes. This means that all sessions are led by a qualified strength and conditioning coach. Exercise demonstrations are provided each session and workouts change each day and month.

Our format for semi-private personal training is standard. Clients receive a customised programme based upon initial client consultation and desired goals.

Coaches experience: Kevin has been working full-time in strength and conditioning since 2015. He has worked with hundreds of youth athletes and enjoys working with busy adults that want to increase their strength, feel better and have more energy.

Contact Us for more information about training at Motiv8 Fitness in Waterford.