Welcome to Motiv8 Fitness. We specialise in training youth athletes and active adults in our Private Gym in Waterford

Semi-Private Training

Start your custom gym programme based upon feedback from the initial Client Consultation.

We provide nutrition assistance and recommendations to help keep you on track and provide weekly check-ins if desired.

S&C Classes

We offer strength and conditioning classes on a 4-week rotation.

With the right mixture of strength and fitness, our classes provide enough variation to keep sessions enjoyable while providing the structure you need to get stronger and feel better in as little as 90 minutes each week.

Our S&C classes are capped at eight people per session.

Sport Performance Training

We prepare athletes for the demands of their sport and guarantee that athletes will get stronger, faster and feel more confident in their chosen sport.

We especially welcome the opportunity to work with youth sport athletes and adult teams.

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